gift guide


The First Annual Holiday Gift Guide for Cats and Their People

Gifts for your cat:



Merino Wool Bed

merino wool bed

This adorable bed makes the perfect secret lair for your cat, a warm and comfy place for your cat to craft plans for world domination.


Dream Pod Bed 

pod bed

If your cat is more into investigating UFOs and the unknown, this bed comes in both an unheated and heated option.


Toy Gift Box

gift toy box

This is just so cute and honestly your cat will probably love the box as much as the toys.


Cat Grass

Cat grass

A project for you and your cat! Plant some cat grass in this cute kitty mug and watch your cat enjoy the grass as it grows.


Cat Tree

Cat tree

This cat tree is so sleek and pretty, it’s sure to please both you and your cat. It also comes in a few color options as well.


Puzzle Toy 

puzzle toy

Puzzle toys are an excellent form of enrichment to keep your cat thinking and learning.


Cat Scratcher


This one is a classic for a reason, cats love the sisal rope and this scratcher is sturdy enough to not tip over.



Gifts for Cat People:


Pet First Aid Kit

Pet first aid

This kit makes it easy to be prepared in case of an emergency or to provide a quick fix on the way to your veterinarian.




Everyone likes a good thermos, make yours the cutest one.


Oven Mitt 

Oven mitt

Your kitchen needs more cats! This oven mitt also has a matching tea towel.




I love these sassy mugs! The best way to wake up.


Pet Camera 


The Petcube Play camera lets you watch, talk and listen to your pets while you are away. Use your phone or Amazon Alexa to operate and even play with a laser pointer.





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