Litter Boxes

The correct type of litter box is very important and the only one who can tell you which is right for your cat is your cat. Since most cats can’t use the internet yet we will share the litter boxes that we have experienced the most success with. Click the images to view product details.



Most cats prefer a simple box. This standard litter box is big enough for most cats but also small enough that you can easily have more than one in your house if you have a multi-cat house or a cat who prefers multiple boxes (some like one for urine and a separate one for feces). Remember the formula: One box per cat + one extra = success

If your cat sometimes goes overboard and urinates over the side of the average size litter box, try something larger like an under the bed storage container. A litter box with taller sides may help as well.

If you don’t like to see the litter box and you promise to keep the litter box scooped and smelling clean, a covered box may work for you. Just keep in mind that odors tend to get trapped in a covered box so if you don’t keep it clean it is like forcing your cat to use a porta-potty and no one really likes that- so keep it clean!

Cat Attract is an additive you mix in with your litter. If your cat struggles to use the litter box this is an excellent tool to make the litter box more appealing to your cat. Just follow the directions on the bottle for mixing and let the Cat Attract do its job.

What a time to be alive! You can order this Dash Button from Amazon and automatically reorder cat litter whenever you need it.

If your cat is not using the litter box or you are interested in learning more, check out this post.



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