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Cats need to play everyday. Cats are hunters by nature and play helps to satisfy that instinct. Many behavioral problems arise when cats are bored or not getting enough attention. Some cats will act out by turning you into their play thing, read about inappropriate play here. If your cat wakes you up at night it can be another sign that they are not getting enough play while you are awake.

Don’t forget, cats play because it is like hunting so when you play with them make the toy scurry across the floor like a rodent or soar through the air like a bird. Cats also seem to love it when a toy disappears around a corner and then suddenly reappears. Many people seem to think their cat doesn’t want to play because they didn’t chase the feather that one time they tried. Your cat does want to play and will – just don’t be boring, play should be fun for both of you!

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Go Cat’s Da Bird is always a hit. Like the name suggests, this toy is reminiscent of a bird and cats love it. Swish it through the air to get your cat running and jumping. This is a great toy for interactive play for you and your cat.

Go Cat also makes the Cat Catcher which is a wand with a mouse toy at the end. You can make this toy to scurry across the floor and around corners and the wire string makes the movements kind of erratic which cats love. This toy seems to really get a reaction out of most cats and it’s great for interactive play.

SmartyKat has a couple of automated toys that are good for independent play. Add one or both of these to your toy rotation to keep your cat entertained.

Puzzle toys keep your cat mentally engaged and also help satisfy that hunter instinct. They are also useful for while you are away at work during the day and your cat is looking for something to do.

If you have a real smarty pants cat, you may want to try this one:




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