Settle Down and Stay Calm

Pheromone sprays and flower essences can both help cats in stressful situations. Going to the vet, acclimating to a new home and introducing a new pet are all examples of times your cat may feel extra stress.


Feliway spray is a pheromone spray that is commonly used at shelters and vet clinics to help put cats at ease. It can helpful if you are anticipating a big change in your cat’s routine. The pheromones in Feliway can also help encourage proper litter box habits. Be sure to spray onto a blanket or other surface away from your cat and away from your face, give it about 10 minutes to dry before giving it to your cat. Before the spray is dry it will burn if you (or your cat) get it in your eyes.


Feliway is also available as a plug in diffuser. This can be an easier way to keep a constant backdrop of calming pheromones and refill packs are available.


Rescue Remedy is a mix of flower essences that are specifically formulated to help pets to feel calm. Again, it’s a helpful tool for situations that you anticipate your cat feeling stress.


Jackson Galaxy also has a line of flower essences to help your cat in various scenarios, this one is the Stress Stopper solution and can help ease anxiety.




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