Treats and Catnip – Purrfect Motivators



Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. This seems to be the preferable formula for most cats. Crunchy treats are handy for puzzle toys or hiding around your cat’s favorite places so she can hunt for treats and keep her mind sharp while you are at work during the day. You can also sprinkle a few in her crate while crate training.


For cats who like canned or raw food a meaty treat is usually a coveted reward and can be highly motivating. If you are trying to teach your cat new tricks or to perch on something like a cat tree or shelf instead of your kitchen counter, these tasty treats tend to keep a cat’s attention longer.


These treats are more like a meaty mousse than a traditional treat but it can be handy for teaching your cat to target touch something (an excellent beginner trick for clicker training). Since there is nothing to chew it is also a faster way for your cat to get a reward and continue to focus on what you are trying to teach her.



Not all cats get into catnip but if yours does it can be a useful tool to keep them entertained and make soft toys even more fun. Drop a soft toy into the catnip container and shake it up to “marinate” the toy then watch your cat go crazy.



Some toys open up so you can put the catnip inside. This can allow your cat to have their catnip fun without getting quite as much catnip all over the floor.





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