Grooming Supplies

Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves, like a lot of time. But you can help too, brushing your cat is a nice time for you two to bond. Clipping nails, cleaning ears and brushing teeth are all important things to keep your cat healthy.


If you have a cat with long hair or an overweight cat who can’t reach everything, regular brushing will keep your cat from getting tangles and mats.


Other brushes can be useful for cats who are sensitive to being pet (imagine the cat who enjoys two and a half pets before biting). Just hold up the bristly end of this brush for your cat and let him rub his face on it – a nice way to spend time together and avoid bites.

All of the hip cats are using bamboo toothbrushes these days, don’t let your cat miss out. Introduce the toothbrush slowly and find a super tasty toothpaste so that your cat accepts toothbrushing, it should not be a source of stress for him.



Clean ears are important. If you notice red, itchy or smelly ears you should take your cat to the vet. Ear wipes are just for maintenance and are not a substitute for veterinary care. Either use an ear wipe or gauze to clean your cat’s ears, do not use a Q Tip because you can damage your cat’s ear drum. Also be mindful of the smell of the cleaner, some have pretty harsh smells and your cat may try to avoid it if the smell is offensive.



Many cats are sensitive to having their nails clipped. Introduce the clippers slowly and offer treats when the nail clippers are near or touching your cat to build a positive association with the clippers. A proper scratching post will also help mange your cat’s claws.




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