Cat Fencing

What is cat fencing? Unfortunately, I’m not talking about cats sword fighting in cool costumes. I’m talking about fencing that you can add to the top of your existing fence. The idea is that you can safely let your cat out into your backyard and the cat fencing will keep your cat in and other cats and animals out.

       This is a great example of an easy to add on cat fence. Click the image for more details.

A backyard full of plants, bugs and birds to watch is a cat enrichment gold mine.

You can up the fun factor by planting cat nip and cat grass for your cat to chew on and explore.


Add a bird feeder or bath to attract birds to your yard. This can provide hours of entertainment for your cat whether they are inside or outside. Be sure to put a bell on your cat’s collar if they are out in the yard with the birds.




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