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Our top scratching posts revealed!

This SmartCat scratcher is a classic for a reason. The sisal material along with the height and stability makes for a very satisfying scratching experience for your cat. It’s also big enough that you can incorporate it into your play sessions – try dangling a wand toy over the top and pulling it up slowly so your cat can chase and scratch at the same time. The top of the post is big enough for most cats to sit on so it creates some vertical space for your cat to enjoy.

Scratching + Playing + Vertical Space = Happy Cats



For cats who prefer a horizontal surface this PetFusion scratcher is a great option. It’s big enough for your cat to stand on and stretch their legs while they scratch. It’s also sturdy and made to endure cat claws.

Surprise your cat with one of these fun novelty scratchers. The novelty is more to entertain you but why can’t you both have fun? It’s a nice option for rotating toys to keep curious cats entertained and makes a unique gift for your cat crazy friends.

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