Cat Monuments Around the World

Pack your bags! It’s time to tour the world of monuments to beloved cats.




Glenturret Distillery in Scotland boasts a memorial statue to the cat Towser. Towser lived from 1963 to 1987 and in her lifetime she caught 28,899 mice winning the Guiness Book of Records award for World Mousing Champion. Each bottle of Fairlie’s Light Highland Liqueur also features paw prints as a nod to Towser.




In Wellington, New Zealand on the grave of Harry McNeish lives the statue of his beloved cat Mrs. Chippy. McNeish and Mrs. Chippy (who was in fact a male) were aboard the ship Endurance during Ernest Shackleton’s Antartica expedition from 1914-1917. The Endurance found itself stuck in the ice and all of the animals aboard were ordered to be killed. Harry McNeish never forgave Shackleton for the death of Mrs. Chippy and 100 years later the New Zealand Antarctic Society placed a statue of Mrs. Chippy on McNeish’s grave so the two could be reunited in the afterlife.




In Gough Square, London you can find the memorial statue for Samuel Johnson’s cat Hodge. Johnson published A Dictionary of the English Language in 1755 and Hodge kept him company while he wrote his dictionary. Johnson doted on Hodge and would bring him fresh oysters, his favorite food. The statue shows Hodge on top of the dictionary along with some oyster shells, the inscription reads, “A very fine cat indeed.”




After a picture of an endearing, chubby cat in Istanbul went viral, the world fell in love with Tombili (a Turkish term for a chubby pet). He passed away shortly after achieving fame and over 17,000 people signed a petition to have a statue created. Sculptor Seval Sahin built the statue and it was revealed on World Animal Day in 2016.





You can find a statue of the cat Trim at the Mitchell Library in Sydney, Australia. Trim was born aboard the HMS Reliance in 1799. He fell overboard as a kitten and climbed a rope to get back on the ship, his cleverness made him a favorite of the crew. Trim later accompanied Matthew Flinders while he circumnavigated Australia from 1801-1803 and he even survived a shipwreck. The commemorative statue of Matthew Flinders includes a statue of Trim and the library cafe is even named in Trim’s honor.



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