Destination Cat: Tokyo, Japan

Not many people in Tokyo have pets. In a city where space is at a premium most apartments do not allow them and it is very expensive to get and maintain a cat or dog. This leaves the option of getting a pet to a select few people who can afford them. Because of this, places like cat cafes have boomed in popularity around Tokyo to help people can go get their cat fix.


cat cafeThere are many cat cafes to choose from around Tokyo. Cat Cafe Mocha is a chain with several locations. The cats are cute and the cafes look super hip. You can follow them on Instagram @catcafemocha to get you daily fix of cuteness.

Cafe Lua in Machida is a cafe featuring cats and dogs who are all available for adoption. They have a shop with  cute accessories and you can feel good knowing any money you spend there will help buy food and care for these pets.

If you prefer to sit outside and just enjoy being near cats there is an area known as the Outdoor Cat Cafe. Located at Higashi Ikebukuro Chuo Park there is a large colony of stray cats who are used to people being around and bringing them food. Since these cats are strays, some will approach you for attention and others will want to hang back to be admired from afar.




If your fandom extends beyond real cats you can visit a Hello Kitty theme park in Tokyo. Puroland features Hello Kitty as well as other popular characters. The park offers parades, shows, rides, restaurants and lots of shopping. You will see more Hello Kitty merchandise than you ever thought possible. And if you visit on your birthday or anniversary you can let them know for special treats.




If you still want more Hello Kitty, take a five minute walk to stay in a Hello Kitty themed room at the Keio Plaza Hotel. As part of your Hello Kitty room package you will get Hello Kitty themed amenities to take home. And if you are hoping for Hello Kitty themed breakfast you’re in luck- they have that too!


ManekinekoGotokuji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Tokyo’s Setagaya district. It is the home of the Maneki-Neko also known as the lucky cat or beckoning cat. Legend says that when a passing Feudal lord was caught in a thunderstorm the cat of a priest at the Gotokuji temple beckoned the lord into the temple for safety. This is why the beckoning cat figures we know today all have a paw raised. To express his thanks the lord donated rice and land to the temple and chose the temple to build a cemetery for his family. Today there are hundreds of Maneki-Neko statues around the temple and there is plenty of cat themed art work on the streets leading to the temple.



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