Quick Tips for Litter Box Use

If you notice your cat is having litter box accidents it is important to go for a vet visit to make sure there isn’t an underlying medical issue causing them to go outside the litter box. If your cat has been cleared by a veterinarian and is still going outside of the box, here are a few tips:


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freddie-marriage-40645-unsplashIs your cat going to the bathroom on soft things like blankets, laundry or your bed? 

Try a litter box with a couple of inches of a fine grained clay litter and put a soft rug underneath the litter box so there is a similar soft effect.




Is your cat going to the bathroom on hard surfaces like tile, sinks or bathtubs?

Try putting a fine layer of litter in one half of the litter box and leaving the other half empty. Keep the litter box on a hard floor to offer a similar effect.



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Is your cat used to using the bathroom outside and struggling indoors?

Try adding some soil and/or grass from your yard to the litter box to encourage your cat to use the litter box inside.




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